Wednesday, April 4, 2012

God is Not Through With You

Have you ever felt disconnected from God?  Do you ever wonder if you really can get that connection back? 

Let me tell you my story.  In college, I started out with the best intentions of “keeping the faith.”  I participated in a Bible study, eventually became a leader and tried to attend church on a fairly regular basis.  That didn’t last long.  There were different reasons for which I became disconnected to the Bible study that aren’t important.  There were also the reasons you may expect – drinking, partying, boys and the “social” aspect of college all together.  I won’t say that I was entirely disconnected all through college but I definitely had my rough patches. 

A friend of mine said tonight that she didn’t know if she could re-connect with God in the way she used to.  I have good news!  Not only can you reconnect with God, your connection will be even better than before.  Why? Because you are not coming back perfect! 

Unbeknownst to you, God has just put you through a refining fire.  The Bible states that we are like clay in the potter’s hands.  I don’t know if you are familiar with the process of refining clay but its not simple.  It takes a lot of heat; a lot of patience and plenty of waiting then it takes more heat, more patience and more waiting.  Do you get the picture? 

When I went back to God after I was broken – I came back to a different God.  In life I have served a different kind of God at different stages of my life.  For example, in high school I was the goody goody – I served a very powerful and strict God who did not like drinking, fooling around or partying.  After college, I learned that I serve a very forgiving God.  Think about it, what type of God are you serving right now? 

Embarrassingly, I did not approach God after college with humility.  Rather, I had to “pray it out” with him.  Somewhat similar to the term you may use called “duke it out.”  I spoke at Him instead of to him and I had a pride about me, mainly because I didn’t want to admit my failures. 

Lovingly, God heard me out and accepted me back with open arms and now we are here today. 

I want you to know that no matter where you are at today, young or old, broken or all put together, happy or angry, God is not through with you! He is ready to “pray it out” with you in whatever mood you are in.  Trust me, he’s the best listener you will ever meet in your entire life.  Also, keep in mind that we serve a God of all different attributes and through these times in your life, he is showing you just how very interesting he can be.

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