Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Prayer for Our Someday Baby

My dear precious baby, for you how we pray.
The depth of our gratitude can’t be measured or weighed.
For you will be a gift, sent to us from God above.
God will bless us as parents with you as our child to care for and love.

The thought of you someday growing slowly inside me is so overwhelming and makes me so happy.
I pray that God draws your dad and I nearer to Him.
For we know without Christ our lives are but sin.
We pray He will make us good parents to guide you.
We are blessed that He will trust us to go alongside you.

I do not know you or know your name
I just know when you arrive our lives will forever be changed.
When you will come only God can decide
But know that we have prayed for you every single day and each night.
May God bless your journey from heaven above and keep you safe and guarded with love.
My heart overflows simply at your thought
Even when I know you still haven’t been brought.
He knows without a doubt that you were meant to be our child from the start. 
For this we are grateful that God gives us the desires of our hearts.

May we bless and honor His choice, His timing, and love you so tender
With His strength and courage we will always be your protectors, defenders.
Please know in your heart the anticipation we have for your arrival.
It is through Christ’s sacrifice we all have eternal survival.
While you are in heaven and we wait on earth,
Please let God know that your parents are ready for you to overcome our hearts.


Your Someday Mommy

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